Beautiful Contrast in Malmö

Beautiful Contrast in Malmö

I sat down with a very clear idea what to write about. Then, I stumbled upon such a beauty, I had to change my mind. As you can see from the photo above, this apartment is an architectural gem, but rather unexpectedly, decorated in a vintage Scandinavian style. That unexpected contrast draws even more attention to those gorgeous original architectural elements.

Beautiful Contrast in Malmö

Beautiful Contrast in Malmö

Parquet flooring is beautiful, but wooden ceiling is a whole new level of fabulous.

Beautiful Contrast in Malmö

Beautiful Contrast in Malmö

I must admit, I don’t think I’d like this kitchen in some other context. Here, with these simple Scandinavian chairs, rustic doors and windows, plants and beautiful floors – I’d say no other kitchen in the world looks better.

Beautiful Contrast in Malmö

The perfect bedroom palette. White and grey.  A pile of boxes as a nightstand? Original and pretty. If you read my Russia-inspired home decor post, you know there is one more thing I must mention about this photo – those modern minimal Matryoshka dolls by the window. Love it!

Beautiful Contrast in Malmö


I don’t think I could work here. The room is as amazing as all the others. Just look at that ceiling, or that mid century chair… But I would constantly be thinking of the new outfits to try out!

{Source: Elle Interior}


12 thoughts on “Beautiful Contrast in Malmö

  1. Another beautiful Scandinavian apartment! So many inspiring features and so great that you find and post these interiors!

    I love those clamp-on desk lamps. Do you know what brand they are? I can’t work it out..

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