25hours Hotel Spectacle Vienna

People often say their ideal home looks like a hotel. I wouldn’t agree. Unless, that hotel is the 25hours Hotel in Vienna. The photos are from the official website, where I also found the story behind this creative interior design:

“Whether museum district or Prater, Opera, Life Ball, or one of the countless music and theater stages, for the visitors to the cosmopolitan city, Vienna has always stood for sensationalism and show, for seeing and being seen. As symbol for the spectacle, the 25hours Hotel at MuseumsQuartier has taken from the traditions of the circus institution. It is a place of surreal, surprising and sexy allure, where the fantastic and exotic delight. Always on the move – like the hotel guest – the temporary character is present, with real artisanship and art. Improvisation, seeming juxtapositions and eclecticism are felt in the 25hours Hotel Vienna. Sawdust meets heavy velvet curtains, raw concrete meets fluffy carpet.”

I wouldn’t mind staying in that “circus” for the rest of my life. Not to mention – Vienna… That magnificent city deserves its own post, which, I guess, will happen in the future.


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