Timeless Trend: Meander

The pattern on the rug above, called meander or Greek key, has been around for thousands of years, and yet it can be found in modern homes, architecture and art. It’s nothing new that artists get inspiration from Greek and Roman art, where meanders are found as a common ornament – from vessels to temples. Some claim the name meander represents turning path of Meander River in Asia Minor, while other sources claim it represents a labyrinth. It is quite a home decor trend and, in my opinion, can complement any style.

While usually you can find meander in luxurious and ornate interiors, I wanted to show on the mood board above how wonderful meanders can complement simple and minimal Scandinavian decor.
The artists on Etsy are as well inspired by meander so if I motivated you to get a bit of ancient civilization for your home, I’m ending this post with my favorites:


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