Traditional vs. Modern in Catalonia


With the trend of Scandinavian summer houses, I must go the other way – Mediterranean. Ha ha. Don’t get me wrong – I do love Scandinavian style, especially for its simplicity, but Mediterranean style is also appealing with its “non simplicity”… Hm, maybe it’s best to keep it short and state that my aesthetic ideals are perplexing.

So, I really love this renovated old house in Empordà region, Catalonia, Spain. Architects did an excellent job on modern features like open plan, but as well preserved original charm.



Exactly the right amount of new elements in the kitchen to create an eclectic room. I love the old tiles and the carpet under the dining area. Amazing.






If someone told me to imagine a living room and a master bedroom combined, never would I think it can turn out this great. I love the bohemian look and again – the old floor tiles!


As I am in a desperate need of a vacation and it seems my obligations in the city will never ever finish, I will not comment this stunning terrace. Thank you for understanding.




{photos via}

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